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The FiTcrew

This year we celebrate 4 years of empowering our community through High Intensity Interval Training! It is our goal, through our FiT programs, to help people transform from the inside out. We hope our team builds self-confidence as they show themselves they CAN be consistent in such a lifestyle. It's our prayer that we grow as leaders and continue to encourage the FiTteam to PUSH BEYOND! FiT stands for Faith Inspired Training because we truly believe through our faith that this program will continue to grow and and shape into what people need. A team! One that is more like family; to go through life together encouraging and supporting one another. When you join our team, you join a community!
We welcome you to the FITteam!


Alexsis Ramirez

FiTcoach + Founding Member

A fitness instructor since 2009, Alexsis loves watching someone discover their confidence in their abilities as they begin to fall in love with their strong body. It is her hope that everyone can find something that works for them so it becomes what helps turn into one of their greater passions to keep their bodies active. She believes that our bodies that God created are amazing and when we nurture and care for them we truly begin to feel our best. Alexsis says, “I am so thankful for the amazing amount of support FiT has received and am forever grateful for the FiTteam!” Alexsis has a beautiful family of 5 including herself. She has 3 daughters (15,15,2) and is so thankful to have a family that takes part in all of the FiT programs that her and her husband, along with the FiTcrew, are passionately excited to share with you all!

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Raquel Rey


When asked the question: What are you passionate about? Raquel replied, "The answer that immediately comes to mind is FITNESS. Not just personally, but for everyone. Working on becoming a stronger woman both mentally and physically has changed my life in so many ways. I had been a part of FiTcamp for 2 years before joining the FiTcrew! I love our programs, I love that we aren't focused on just changing ourselves outwardly, but also inwardly. I love the FiTteam!" Raquel also enjoys strength and training - building her body overall! She loves learning how to improve form to help make workouts become more efficient so it may be encouragement for others to push forward. She is a mother to 3 beautiful children and a wife to a supportive husband who also enjoys strength training as much as she does. Raquel once was eager to start Fitcamp, but couldn't because of nerves and other reasons until she finally said enough is enough and built the courage to reach out and join the FiTteam. It is her wish that YOU, too, have the courage to just start. Stop letting what others, might, think hold you back! It's your time and you wont regret getting started.

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Yuri Dominguez


When working on her fitness goals, she had no idea that she would be encouraging so many people along the way. After making adjustments to her diet and consistently working out with FiTcamp, cardio workouts, and weight lifting she was amazed at what her body could do! Yuri mentions, “A hunger to help others achieve what I was achieving was birthed! When people say it’s a journey, it definitely is.. it comes with highs and lows, strong points and weak points, but I am thankful that through it all my mind and body know how to find their way back to the balanced place. The place I feel the strongest1” She has 2 amazing children and one fur baby and an amazing husband. Her family is a big reason she does this! She wants them to know that when you put in the work you can achieve any goal. She hopes to play a role in encouraging the same for YOU!

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Robert Ramirez

Media Production + Founding Member

Robert is the extremely supportive husband of Alexsis. He loves that he gets to be a part of what she started long ago and beginning FiT with her to begin sharing with their community their passion for helping families begin to make healthier choices that will affect so many within their realm of influence. He is our media production manager and hopes to continue to improve FiT and its programs from a digital aspect. FiTkids is one of his favorite programs FiT has to offer and strongly encourages you to check out the FiTkids page to learn more and to become part of a program that he truly believes will change lives!

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